It was a great night. We have been planning this day for a few weeks. Week 10 of the semester where projects and assignments are all rushing in, and we decided to take a break from all of these. Was it a great idea? If I value my sanity, I guess yes, judging by the fact that I had at least 2 migraine attacks for the past 3 days. (It was bad, for all those people in the same plight as me, I feel you, migraine shouldn’t exist)

A night of partying, alcohols and awesome EDMs. It is a wonder what alcohol does to you. I can’t even dance on normal days and alcohol is all it takes to get me started. The attention, although for a short 5 mins, was all it takes to make my night really worth.

A guy approached us at dance floor and held on to me.

I didn’t exactly see his face, but I heard he was quite good looking. My friends were pushing me over, and asking if I want to have some wild fun tonight. Not the one night stand kind of thing but maybe just some intimate moments.

I was considering really hard, really really hard. On one hand, it has been years since I broke up and I really want to have a shoulder to lean on. (HAHA totally possible at a club). But on the other hand, I know I would regret this the moment I sober up.

Letting a random guy have intimate moments with me?

I just can’t accept it. The last time I checked, where I leaned onto my friend’s shoulder cause I┬áhad quite a drink, I felt so so bad the next morning. Simply because I crave for a men’s support doesn’t mean that I should go around with random guys. And using them to satisfy my need, just for that moment, just doesn’t click with my sober self.

Will I ever get drunk and discard my sober self? That totally depends. Though I would believe that the chances are really low.