Mayday really caused a mayday crisis in my life today. The song triggered so much emotions and thoughts while I was casually browsing through their new album.

If your younger self saw the you now, would she be proud?

Did you forget what you were after getting hit by cruel waves of time?

When I was younger, as far as I could remember, I set many goals for myself. When I was 8, I wanted to be a musician. I wanted to create music like those cool kids I saw performing during a CCA fair. With that in mind, I applied for piano classes in school. That was the first rejection I faced (again, as far as I remember). The piano teacher thought that I had no sense of rhythm and tune, and kindly, very kindly actually, told me that maybe this is not yet suitable for me.

Few months later, I didn’t heed her advice and went to join the band anyway. That lasted till early pre-college times, and somehow, I made it through with close to 8 years of playing in a band. Do I like it? Well sure, as long as the songs are of my choice. Will I do this again? Maybe, but I will press on to learn piano if I knew what I was doing back then.

Animals have always hold a strong standing in my heart. I love dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, tortoises, fishes, and the list could go on and on. When it was time to choose a major, I was bent on getting into veterinary bioscience. That was it! They said to love your job so you don’t have to work. Spoiler alert: I took on computer science instead, because there are no local university that offers an extension or degree towards the veterinary field. My only hope was to secure a scholarship, which of course was too much to bet on.

That is my worst regret I had in my life. To turn away from my aspirations for the convenience of a possible future.

Will it be possible then, for me to enter the veterinary field through another channel? Maybe. I am still actively looking for opportunities to jump into this field.

Don’t forget to look back. Don’t let the cruelty of life and time wash away your passion and initial identity.





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