Act of Disappearing

Sometimes during conversations, my friends like to mention the disappearing. By that, I understand that as cutting off contact, or to the least, distancing themselves away.

We are all of age to decide what is beneficial, fulfilling or enjoyable, according to our own definition. When a friendship or relationship gets toxic, one can try to redeem and salvage what is left. Or simply walk away.

Communication helps. And it is surprisingly easy to just start the topic rolling. It may be awkward, and the mind is very good at complicating things.

But the point is, everyone has a choice on what they want to keep in their lives. What is valuable, what is necessary, what is good. And when one casually mention disappearing, I would believe that such thoughts have been running in their mind for a long long time. This is simply, not worth it then.

Ghosting has been a common phenomenon in the world of dating, where one party will ‘disappear’ and not reply after awhile, leaving the other party feeling confused. Now, the other party may move on fast, and simply forgot about that short encounter in their lives. I mean, how many tinder tales really have a proper closure?

No one owes the others ‘closure’. It is good to give, but surely, it is not an obligation.

The act of disappearing is hence, reasonable. But each response warrants a reaction. Think carefully of what type of reaction you are expecting.

This post ended up as a casual rant, triggered by a bunch of really small kids, myself included.


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